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When your bedroom is full of clutter, chaos, dust, and disorder, it’s hard to kick back and relax. Here are some tips for creating a relaxing bedroom oasis you’ll never want to leave.


Updated 10/19/16 from an article originally published on 2/2/15.

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After a long day, we all deserve to retreat to a relaxing bedroom we love to be in. But when our rooms are filled with clutter, chaos, dust, and disorder, it is hard to unwind and get the rest we deserve. Now is the time to turn our bedrooms into the serene oases we want them to be!

Here are eight things you can do to create a peaceful and relaxing bedroom:

1. Treat yourself as a guest.

Think about how you would prepare a bedroom for a guest and then make changes in your own room accordingly. Start by giving your bedroom a good cleaning. Change the sheets, dust and vacuum. Declutter and tidy up the room! When you give yourself the gift of a clean, tidy and welcoming space, you’ll enjoy a more peaceful, serene room.

2. Gather everyday necessities.

Consider what items you use on a regular basis and find a way to organize them so that they are both functional and attractive. A decorative bowl can rally together keys, wallets, and your cellphone on your nightstand. A pretty tray can hold perfume, jewelry, and eye-glasses on the dresser.

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3. Limit your accessories.

Limit your decorative accessories to your favorites. Only keep the things that serve you well or make you happy. Find a new home for anything that doesn’t belong in your bedroom or that you don’t use on a daily basis.

4. Consider concealed storage.

For a bedroom that makes you feel calm and relaxed, concealed storage makes more sense than open storage. Closed storage will keep visual clutter to a minimum and help you to feel more organized, too! Under-the-bed storage can be a convenient way to conceal less frequently-used items without them filling up your main storage areas.

If you have the space, use a short dresser as a nightstand so you have plenty of extra drawers to stash and organize necessities.

5. Cure Clutter Spots.

Look around at where clutter tends to pile up. How could you eliminate that clutter hotspot? Find solutions for everyday items that create piles of clutter so your room can stay serene.

6. Create a reading basket.

If books, newspapers and magazines tend to clutter up your room, designate a basket to keep them close at hand, but out of sight!

7. Choose Calm Colors.

Carefully choose colors for your space based on what makes you feel the best. Paint your walls a color that is soothing to you and bring in your favorite calming colors through accessories and textiles.

8. Unplug

Keep electronic clocks and other gadgets away from the vicinity of your bed for a more restful sleep.

About the Author

Melissa Michaels

Melissa Michaels is the author and creator of one of the top home decorating blogs on the web, The Inspired Room. She has been featured on such sites and publications as, Apartment Therapy, and Ladies Home Journal.

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