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Your furniture doesn’t have to be brand new and expensive; here’s the best DIY furniture you can put together yourself.


There is no reason why your house needs to be full of brand-new furniture. In fact, the trend these days is to repurpose old, worn, and even broken furniture to suit our needs and give our homes an eclectic look. To achieve this, all you need to do is pull that old table with one leg – or chair with a broken seat – out of storage and create something all your own with little effort.

Here are our favorite examples of the best repurposed and upcycled furniture to inspire you.

Table That’s Missing Legs can Become an Entry or End Table

Don’t let a missing table leg stop you! All you need is a jigsaw and some paint to gain something useful! Cut through the table top (be sure to use a level to create a guiding line for a straight cut) to create a flat end and remove the off-balance side of the table. Paint the half-table as you desire and secure it to a wall with L-brackets. Depending on the size and shape of the table, this upcycle works for an entry table or an end table next to an armchair or a nightstand in the bedroom. You could even create a breakfast bar for the kids in the kitchen using this technique.

Extend the Usefulness of the Crib

Once your last child outgrows the crib, you can certainly sell it. But it might hold some sentimental value for you, especially if you’ve used the same crib for each of your kids. Or maybe you have one of those drop-front cribs, which are now illegal to sell because of recalls. There are a number of awesome techniques for repurposing that crib, not the least of with can be found on EdiTORIal, Tori Spelling’s website.

“Yes, you’ll have to be a bit crafty to pull these awesome ideas off (I’d consider hiring someone to help with a few of them), but the result is totally worth it,” Spelling writes. “Not only can you feel great about a new, totally customized piece of furniture, you can also pat yourself on the back for being eco-friendly!”

Among her suggestions for upcycling a crib are the following:

  • Work Desk – Add a piece of glass or even an old door as the working surface and turn the railing into a shelf in the middle.
  • Bulletin Board – Add cork board or sheet metal to create a push-pin or magnet board out of the crib sides.
  • Bench –Turn the crib into a beautiful piece for your entryway or porch.
  • Easel – Put the two side panels of the crib on hinges and add a chalkboard or dry erase board to create an easel for your budding artist.
  • Kids Desk – Use some particleboard and chalkboard paint to give your big kid a creation center.
  • Craft Room Organizer – Since you’re clearly the crafty one, you can turn that side rail into a way to hang all your funky craft supplies up on the wall for easy access and organization.
  • Wagon – Turn that crib into a wagon for your little ones to use in the backyard.
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Repurposed crib wagon

Open Doors to New Décor Options

Old doors are so appealing. Maybe they catch your eye at flea markets, but you’re at a loss for how you can make that work in your home (aside from reframing the entry for your bedroom to make one of those gorgeous vintage doors fit). Consider the following:

  • Outdoor Use – A door that’s in really bad shape (like one that’s been deteriorating in your grandpa’s barn for 30 years) makes a great rustic outdoor table. “Balanced on a few overturned flowerpots, an old wooden door becomes a rustic and sturdy outdoor coffee table or work surface,” the Martha Stewart website says.
  • Headboard – Give your bed a much needed face lift without forking over the money for a brand new bedroom set.
  • Desk or Table – Use those old kitchen cabinets you found at a garage sale as the legs for extra storage space. “The base of an old coffee table and a salvaged door found at a resale shop were cleaned up and then attached,” says Sloane Snyder and Keri Sanders for an article on the DIY Network website featuring repurposed furniture designs. “A new piece of glass was laid upon the top to create a beautiful new table.”
  • Bookshelf – Add shelves to the door and stoppers to the bottom, and then lean it against a wall and secure it for a bookshelf with a style all its own.


What a Little Paint Can Do

Really, most any piece of old furniture you have lying around can become something beautiful for your home with a little paint and TLC. Old shutters can become a great hanging storage system for mail and other documents in the office. Old picnic table benches can be painted and stacked to make shelves. The backs can be removed from an old wooden chair to create a nightstand. Old kitchen cabinets can be stacked to create an armoire or china hutch.

The possibilities are as limitless as your creativity. A bonus to taking on projects such as those listed above is that you may be inspired to see other items you could upcycle to repurpose in a style all your own.

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