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Craft a personalized monogram in four simple steps using Washi Tape. This DIY can be customized for a children’s room, living room, or office.

Craft a personalized monogram using Washi Tape. This DIY can be customized for a children's room, living room, or office.

There’s a reason washi tape crafts have been all over Pinterest. It’s because using washi tape in DIY projects can be fun. Sure, washi tape isn’t always thought of as a way of making beautiful decor for your home. But, we made our first washi tape monogram for my son’s nursery, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Washi tape sometimes gets a bad rap for being too playful. It can be hard to imagine how to make brightly patterned tape into beautiful decor that will fit into your home. That’s because this craft supply is commonly geared toward craft projects for a younger crowd.

However, washi tape can also make an elegant and classy piece of decor for your home. We’ll show you how with a few extras, you can make this DIY Washi Tape Monogram that you’ll want to proudly put on display. Making this monogram is super easy and only takes a few supplies.

For this project, you’ll need:

  • Wooden Monogram Letter
    You’ll want a fairly thin letter that is “print,” not cursive style
  • Washi Tape
    We recommend a neutral color palate so that you can embellish with colorful accents!
  • Embellishments
    This can be anything from sequins, paper flowers, colored or patterned washi tape, buttons or other embellishments. 
  • Wooden Board (I used 12″ x 12″ but i just need to be bigger than your letter)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Wood Glue

Step 1: Add Washi Tape


To get started, you’ll want to set a pattern with your washi tape pieces. It’s really helpful to pre-tear off pieces and line them up in a row before you start placing them on the letter.

Step 2: Wrap Washi Tape Around Letter


Once you get some pieces laid down, start wrapping the tape around the backside of the letter. If you have a piece that is too short to wrap around, add a small piece to make it long enough to wrap around.

Step 3: Add Embellishments


After sticking with a neutral color pattern with the gold washi tape, we wanted to add some color. We went back and added a thin strip of mint washi tape. Then, I added buttons to the two corners of my letter. You could add so many things to your letter, so I recommend sticking to a theme or decor palate that matches your home.

Step 4: Mount to Wood


Use a small amount of wood glue to mount the letter to your wood board. Press the letter on to secure for 30-60 seconds. The weight of the letter will be easily held by the wood glue.

If desired, you can also add a saw tooth hanger on the back of your wooden board to hang on the wall or display on a bookshelf or desk area.

Now you have an easy project and beautiful piece of home decor!

Craft a personalized monogram using Washi Tape. This DIY can be customized for a children's room, living room, or office.

Watch the video to see a behind the scenes look at how we made our DIY Washi Tape Monogram!

How will you decorate your home with Washi Tape?

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