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You can’t go wrong with these inexpensive, do-it-yourself Valentine’s gifts designed for him, her, and the kids.


Chocolate and roses are nice gifts, but they’re predictable and can get boring. Instead, give your relationship a boost with some DIY valentine’s gifts. A gift you make yourself isn’t cheap; instead, it allows you to put your own design into the gift and your loved one will truly know how much you care. With gifts designed for him, her, and the kids, you can’t go wrong with these ideas.

DIY Gifts for Him

Valentine Lemon Drops

If the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then this is your ticket. Valentine gifts don’t have to be covered in red, pink or purple, but your man will definitely appreciate the word play on this gift. Simply fill a mason jar with sour lemon candy and attach a cute gift tag. Shaken Together has advice about how to make the “Pucker Up, Valentine,” tag, which you can embellish with your own love note on the back.

Rustic Heart Coasters

The rustic look of these coasters make it a perfect gift for even the manliest of men, but the sweet sentiment of the heart and the initials will make him feel gooey inside (even if he won’t tell anyone but you). Use a miter saw to cut the wooden pieces, and then sand the top and bottom of each wooden circle until they’re smooth. Seal the wood with a layer of clear polyurethane, then decorate the coaster as you desire. A Bubbly Life has the full rundown of how you can make these for your guy this Valentine’s Day.

Hourly Valentine’s Gifts

Since Valentine’s Day is on February 14, it would be fun to surprise your honey with small gifts that he can open 14 minutes past each hour. Gifts could include small gift cards, a song that reminds you of him, pictures of the two of you, or even his favorite treats. Wrap each gift individually, then label each one with what time it should be opened. Thirty Handmade Days has printable labels to make this project a breeze.

Monthly Pre-Planned Date Nights

Your man will enjoy a break from planning date nights when you give him this priceless Valentine’s Day gift. Take some time to pre-plan one date night for each month of the year. Some of the ideas offered by Shannon Brown include bookstore gift cards, menus to your favorite restaurants, a video game night at home, and even a weekend when the kids can be with the grandparents. Open up the envelope on the first day of the month, and then choose a day that the two of you can have your date. It’s the gift that literally keeps on giving all year long.

DIY Gifts for Her

Heart Chalkboard Frames

Kick off this craft with a few heart frames that you can find at your local craft store. Coat them in two coats of chalkboard spray paint and allow them to dry fully, which usually takes about 24 hours. Work the edges with sandpaper to make them look a bit worn, and then heavily draw over the top of the frame with a piece of chalk. Crafts by Courtney explains why these two steps help make the frame look like those sold by Pottery Barn. You can finish off the frames with a photo of the two of you, or you can use a colorful piece of scrapbook paper.

Valentine Bath Bombs

Valentine's Day DIY Ideas for Her

Valentine's Day DIY Ideas for Her
via Misty Kelley, CC

You can’t technically give the gift of relaxation, but this is the next best thing. These valentine bath bombs are the perfect DIY gift for the special lady in your life, but it would also be a great idea for your kid’s teachers, friends, or family members. Using a few ingredients you can find at your local market or health food store, you can create these tablets that create a relaxing fizz when you break them up under running bath water. You can see the recipe at Crazy About my Baybah.

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52 Reasons I Love You

Let your leading lady know exactly why you’re so crazy about her. Using a couple of decks of cards, you can list a different reason on each card. Punch holes in each card, and then you can create a small notebook that she can keep in her desk drawer or even carry it with her in her bag. She’ll always look through it and remember just how special she is to you. See the tutorial at 52 Reasons I Love You.

Memory Candles

Who needs candy for Valentine’s Day? Instead, give your girl a personalized candle that shows her how much you really care. Print out some of your favorite photos in black and white, and then burnish them to a clear sheet of contact paper. To get the best high contrast effect in your black and white photos, print them on a laser printer or you can photocopy them. Inspired Ideas explains how to burnish the photos so they adhere to the contact paper, which you can then secure to the candle.

DIY Gifts for Kids

Candy Poppers

Valentine's Day DIY Ideas for Kids

This is a great, affordable gift to use in lieu of Valentine’s Day cards, and kids of all ages will love it (even the big kids). You’ll need some paper towel or toilet paper rolls, festive wrapping paper, curly ribbon, confetti, and small toys or candy to insert in your popper. Kids will love to pop open the tube and watch their goodies explode out of there. It’s all the fun of a piñata, without the dangers of blindfolded kids swinging a bat. See the full tutorial At the Picket Fence.

Dino Valentine

This one can be a bit quirky, but it’s an idea that kids will love. Express a love of Jurassic proportions with a DIY dinosaur valentine. You can make one of these for your kid, or you can help your kid make several to hand out to friends and classmates. Simply spray paint a dinosaur and hot glue foam hearts to the dinosaur. It’s a simple project that your kids will remember for years to come. Lovely Indeed has the complete instructions.

Valentine’s Slime

Let’s face it; Valentine’s Day can seem a bit mushy for some kids. Lighten up the lovey-dovey talk by adding some slime to the class party. It’s fun for both boys and girls, and it’s a great way to avoid giving candy as a gift. The heart containers are available at craft stores, and you can make the slime with glitter glue, water, borax, and warm water. Growing a Jeweled Rose has the recipe and fun printable cards to go with the slime.

Friendship Bracelet Valentines

Kids love to make friendship bracelets, but how many can you really use? Put those bracelets to good use with this adorable Valentine’s Day idea from Dandee Designs. There’s a free printable tag at the link. Add your child’s name, punch holes in the tag, and then weave the friendship bracelet through the tag. It’s a great idea that will have everyone feeling the love that only a friendship bracelet can provide.

There are so many DIY Valentine’s Day gifts to choose from that it might be hard to decide. However, you can bookmark this page and come back next year for a new idea! Your loved one will know just how much you care when you take the time to create a personalized, handcrafted gift this Valentine’s Day.


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