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String art is a fun and kid-friendly DIY with great gifting potential. Here’s how to make your own string art with your kiddos, plus three free printable patterns perfect for Mother’s Day, Easter, and Teacher Appreciation Day!

blue string heart mantel decor board

DIY string art is a fun project for children (and even adults). Depending on the age of your kids, string art requires minimal supervision. They may need help with the hammer but the stringing element teaches dexterity and patients. Making your own gifts and decorations is trending and economical, too! The design possibilities are endless. All you need is an outline or pattern–even a word or name–and you can personalize a sign for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

Today we’ll show you how to make your own string wall art, and even start you off with three printable shapes to get you started. Make your own DIY string art heart like the one we show here. This one is perfect for your everyday decor or a special Mother’s Day gift. (It is truly a gift from the heart.) Be sure to check out the two additional templates at the end of this post for Easter and Teacher Appreciation gift ideas.

This is a beginner DIY project you can do together with the children. Let’s begin, shall we?

DIY String Art Tutorial


Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • A pattern, like this heart printable (click to print)
  • A piece of wood (we used 11”x 11”)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • A paint brush and glue
  • A hammer
  • Nails
  • Embroidery floss (we used DMC brand in various colors)
  • Scissors
  • *Optional: Paint or stain if you prefer not to use paper

hammer nails diy project prep scrapbook paper flowers

Step 1: Gather all your supplies and cut your wood to size.

Cut your wood to the size of your printable template. You can scale the size of the heart smaller or bigger using your printer settings.


Step 2: Prepare your wood with scrapbook paper or staining.

Apply glue to the surface of your wood piece. Then carefully place your scrapbook paper on top of the wood. This process adds a dimension to the sign, however you could skip this step and alternatively paint or stain the wood if you prefer. If you choose to cover the wood with paper, you will want to use a scraper or credit card to press out all of the creases beneath. In either case, let the wood dry completely.


Optional: Sand the scrapbook paper slightly on the edges of the sign to give it a rustic look. You can also paint the edges of the wood. Have your child print their name and write a message on the back of the sign for a personal touch.

Step 3: Print your string art pattern and tape it to your board.

When the glue is dry, you can print out the Heart Printable and tape it to the wood. We used washi tape, but regular scotch tape will work just as well.


Step 4: Outline your shape using nails.

Gather your nails, string, and hammer. You will be using these quite a bit at this point. Here comes the fun and LOUD part! Hammer the nails around the perimeter of the heart. The kids always have fun with this part!

Now that you have an outline of your creation with the nails, carefully take off the tape and tear off the printable paper. You may need to use tweezers or pliers to pull off the excess pieces around the nails.

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Step 5: Tie a knot around the first nail and define your pattern with string.

The arm workout is now complete and now you are ready to start stringing! Tie a knot around your first nail. Then, wrap the string around each set of two nails TWO TIMES until you complete the circle. I find that this creates a more distinctive heart.


It should look something like this.


Step 6: Get wrapping!

Then, simply wrap back and forth to fill the interior of the heart. There is no particular order for this – some crafters fill it in like a clock left to right, and others wrap randomly.


Step 7: Tie a final knot, and you’re done!

Use your scissors to carefully cut the excess string. That’s it! Now you have a beautiful DIY string art heart for your home decor or a special, homemade gift.

Free Printable String Art Patterns

Download three different DIY string art patterns here: a bunny for your spring or Easter decor, an apple for a Teacher Appreciation Day gift, or a heart for Mother’s Day.

Have fun making these fun gifts!  Share your own creations at #LifeStorageDIY for a chance to be featured!

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