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Happy Holidays from Life Storage! Here are five easy DIY stocking stuffer ideas to help you get into the holiday spirit.


Christmas is a magical time of year for both children and those young at heart. But playing the role of Santa’s helper can sometimes feel like quite a financial burden. Stocking stuffers and gifts don’t necessarily need to break the piggy bank, though. Shopping for others, especially your children and grandchildren, is always fun, but you can also save money by supplementing their stockings with fun and personalized DIY gifts.

Over the past few years I have made my own holiday decor, including these fun mason jar ornaments as well as a few stocking stuffers and gifts. Today I will show you how to make five simple DIY stocking stuffers yourself (which can also make great mini gifts for classmates and friends). Simply follow these step-by-step guides to learn more.

These DIY stocking stuffers each take less than 20 minutes to make and are great projects to do together with your children if you choose to make them for class or teacher gifts. Let’s get started!

#1: DIY Christmas Bulb Crayon Set

DIY stocking stuffer 1 - crayon christmas lights set

By the end of the school year, we usually have a few boxes of used crayons. I like to set them aside and repurpose them as gifts for the kids, either as party favors, Valentine’s Day gifts for classmates or for the holiday stockings. They are super easy to make and the possibilities are endless with all the cute silicone molds available.

DIY Stocking Stuffer - Crayon Christmas Lights - Supplies needed

What you will need for this project:

  • Silicone mold of your choice
  • Crayons
  • Scissors (or knife)
  • Toothpicks
  • Potholder
  • Optional: Baker’s twine, plastic treat bag

Here’s how to make this stocking stuffer:

  1. Tear off the paper from the exterior of the crayons.
  2. Cut the crayons into tiny pieces using a knife or scissors (this helps them melt easier). Clean the scissors/knife after each color so they do not mix together.
  3. Place crayon pieces into the silicone mold. You could use one or many colors. For this Christmas bulb set, I chose to use one color for each bulb. Each bulb required one crayon.
  4. Place the silicone mold in the microwave for 3-5 minutes. Stir every minute or so with a toothpick to assist in melting the crayon into the mold.
  5. Using a potholder, place the silicone mold into the refrigerator. Allow to cool completely, approximately 20 minutes.
  6. To finish, simply place your crayons in a cute clear plastic treat bag with a ribbon.

#2: A DIY Bead Keychain

DIY Stocking Stuffer idea 2 - beaded chain

A simple and fun gift for a teen is this DIY keychain using wooden beads and suede lacing.

Supplies for diy stocking stuffer beaded chain

What you will need for this project:

  • Wooden beads
  • Split key ring
  • Craft paint in your choice of colors
  • Skewers
  • Small plate
  • Suede lace
  • Scissors

Here’s how to make it:

  1. Place the bead onto the skewer.
  2. Paint the beads and allow to dry completely by placing the skewer across the plate.
  3. Thread the wooden beads, one at a time, through the suede lace.
  4. Attach the lacing to the key ring.

#3: Lego Filled Ornament

Lego filled ornament - DIY stocking stuffers

Plastic ball ornaments found at the local craft store are so versatile – they can be used as tree decorations, stocking stuffers and homemade gifts. Legos are always welcome in our home so I used the ornaments as a special way to gift a few rather than in the ordinary box.

What you will need for this project:

  • Clear plastic ball ornament
  • Legos (1×1, 2×1, 3×1, 4×1 sizes work best)
  • Ribbon
  • Glue gun

*Remember to use caution when using a hot glue gun. Smaller children should not use a glue gun.

Here’s how to make it:

  1. Gather your Legos.
  2. Detach the top and fill the ornament.
  3. Attach the top of the ornament and glue on a ribbon or embellishment of your choice.
  4. Optional: Add a string to the top so it can be hung on the tree after sitting in the stocking.

#4: DIY Peppermint Soap for Kids

DIY stocking stuffer idea 4 - soap with toy for kids

A fun way to encourage kids to wash their hands is to add a toy to their soap. Soap making is a very easy and inexpensive DIY idea. I continued with my Lego theme and added a Santa Lego to the inside of the peppermint soap. You could easily make these with different oils and toys to personalize it for the recipient.

DIY stocking stuffer idea 4 - soap with toy for kids supplies

What you will need for this stocking stuffer:

  • Clear glycerin soap base
  • Essential oil – I used peppermint
  • Pyrex glass measuring cup
  • Soap mold
  • Toy of your choice
  • Plastic treat bag and ribbon

Here’s how to make it:

  1. Cut the glycerine soap into cubes to allow for faster melting. Place the cubes into a pyrex glass cup. (I used three cubes for the one Santa bar of soap.)
  2. Place cup into microwave and heat for about a minute.
  3. Mix in a few drops of essential oil.
  4. Place your toy face down and cover with glycerine. I used a chopstick to position the toy into the soap mold.
  5. Allow the soap to harden.  This could be done in the refrigerator but I let it sit on the counter for about an hour.
  6. Once hardened the soap should easily pop out of the mold.
  7. Wrap the soaps individually in small clear bags and tie with a ribbon.

#5: Rudolph Hot Cocoa (With Free Printable Tags)

DIY stocking stuffer class teacher gift reindeer hot cocoa treat bag

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a cup of hot cocoa. I always like to include a fun treat in the stocking and this treat is easy to make. It also makes a fun party favor or classroom gift.

What you will need for this project:

  • Hot cocoa packet
  • Chocolate chips
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Cone shaped treat bags
  • Brown or black pipe cleaner
  • Googly eyes
  • Mini red pom pom
  • Glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • Free Printable Tag

*Remember to use caution when using a hot glue gun. Smaller children should not use a glue gun.

Here’s how to make them:

  1. Fill the treat cone treat bag with a packet of hot cocoa.
  2. Next add the chocolate chips and mini marshmallows.
  3. Twist the bag closed and attach your antlers.
  4. Using a glue gun, attach your eyes and nose.
  5. With a ribbon, attach the free printable tag.

Have fun making your own stocking stuffers and gifts and feel free to share on Instagram using #LifeStorageDIY! We would love to see your creations! Happy Holidays!

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Laura Destro

Laura Destro is a lifestyle photographer who loves to make DIY decor and holiday crafts. She is also known for her DIY Outdoor Sink, Holiday Mantels and seasonal craft ideas she shares on both her blog and Instagram @destrophoto.

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