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If you have an hour to spare, you’re in luck – each of these home DIY projects take 60 minutes or less.

Updated on 5/26/16 from an article originally published on 8/12/14.
Small details can make a big impact. Whether you have a long weekend or an evening available, you can tackle several easy DIYs that will really make a difference in your space. Each project takes less than an hour, and you likely have many of the necessary supplies stocked away in your storage unit.

Indoor Home Projects

DIY Cake Stand

Add life to a table setting by making your own versatile cake stand out of dishes you already have. The best part is that once you’re done with it, you can stick it in the freezer for about 30 minutes and the pieces will come apart.

Make Your Own Decorative Cork Board

If you’re looking for a way to add a splash of color (and a lot of function to your wall), consider a DIY cork board. “I am always looking for places to hang things up around the house and a pin board is the perfect place!” writes HowDoesShe blogger Lara. “Think of all the possibilities. You could use this in your kitchen, bedroom, office… Or make it as a gift for a friend! It turns out adorable every time!”

Display Photos in an Antique Window

Looking for a way to display family photos? Convert an antique window into a beautiful picture frame. Lindsey March from A Dollop of my Life gives advice on everything from how to prep the window to how to secure the photos to the glass.

Fix a Wobbly Chair

DIY Chair Project

DIY Chair Project
via Yotoen, CC

Sometimes the best DIY ideas are the most functional. Wobbly chairs are easy to fix using tips from Martha Stewart. The project itself is quick, but you’ll want to allow about 12 hours for the chair to dry before you use it again.

Jar Candle Holders

DIY Candle Holders

DIY Candle Holders
via Justin Kern, CC

Repurpose glass jars or bottles you have around the house by creating beautiful candle holders. Tie pieces of twine or yarn, of varying sizes, around each jar, and then spray paint the jar. Remove the yarn once the paint is dry, add a candle, and you’re done. Add a bow to give as a gift, or you can keep them for yourself to add to the ambiance in your home.

Salt Dough Tags

Add pizzazz to your wedding favors with this tutorial to make your own gift tags out of salt dough. You’ll need flour, salt, water, and cookie cutters to create this look, but you’ll also need stamps and ink pads that you can pick up online or at your favorite craft store. Once they’re baked, you can use paint and glitter to make them as fancy as you want, then secure them to the gift with a piece of ribbon.

DIY Coffee Cups

Decorate your own set of coffee cups that you can keep for yourself or pass along as personalized, creative gifts. Decorate the mugs with a permanent marker, and then bake them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Reusable Sweeper Pads

Brand name sweeper pads are more convenient than sweeping, but they are also more expensive. Sunshine’s Creations created a knitting pattern so you can knit your own dry mopping pad that you can simply throw in the wash and use over and over again.

Make Your Own Lip Balm

DIY Lip Balm

DIY Lip Balm
via Tiffani J, CC

Perfect as a Christmas gift, a teacher appreciation gift, or even to keep for yourself and your girlfriends, you can make your own lip balm. Choose from Inhabitat’s numerous recipes, from soothing and minty to sweet and fragrant.

DIY Laundry Detergent

Whether you’re looking to save money over high-priced name brand detergent, or you need to whip some up to get by until your next trip to the grocery store, making your own laundry detergent is a great option. “It couldn’t be easier to make, really, and it washes quite nicely,” says Amanda Blake Soule. “If you’re used to a more conventional detergent, this will be a bit different in terms of stain removal. But there’s nothing that a bit of vinegar or a soak in the sun doesn’t take care of, I’ve found!”

Outdoor Home Projects

Make Your Own Compost Bin

Compost is an easy way to add vital nutrients to a garden using items you already have in your kitchen. You can make your own compost bin in less than an hour for what Apartment Therapy calls an, “easy indoor compost option for people who need something cheap, customizable and space friendly.

Build Your Own Fire Pit

DIY Fire Pit Project

DIY Fire Pit Project
via Rich Bowen, CC

Fire pits are popular DIY ideas for your backyard, but you can make your own miniature fire pit in about half an hour when you have the right supplies. Its natural decor will serve as a beautiful centerpiece on a luxurious outdoor table, or even as the focal point of a small deck.

Birdseed Wreath

This is one of those easy DIY projects your backyard birds will adore. Combine the ingredients in a six-cup Bundt pan, using rendered suet to hold everything together. You can easily do this step in under an hour, but the ingredients need to harden for 12 hours in a refrigerator or in your freezer. Remove from the pan and hang your birdseed wreath outdoors when temperatures are near freezing (leaving out outside when it’s warmer or in direct sunlight could cause it to spoil).

Space Saving Herb Garden

For small spaces, make your own shoe organizer herb garden. Using a fabric shoe organizer and some basic gardening supplies, you can grow your garden vertically. Birds & Blooms writer Kirsten Sweet says, “With all those pouches to fill, this is a good time to experiment with things you haven’t tried before.”

Create a Backyard Movie Screen

Convert your yard into a movie theater with a DIY backyard movie screen. Using sheets, poles, and rope, you can suspend a projection screen right in your own backyard. Add some cozy seating and some snacks and your easy DIY projects like this will pay off for years to come.

DIY Mosquito Repellent

When you’re creating an outdoor retreat, don’t forget about insect repellent. Browse a list of the 31 Plants that Repel Mosquitoes to find out what and where you should plant so you can get the most out of your space.

Upside Down Tomato Planter

There are specialized planters you can buy to grow tomatoes upside down, but they can be pricey. Instead, recycle an empty two-liter soda bottle and make your own. All of the ingredients you’ll need to make this project you likely already have around the house, so you can be on your way to homegrown tomatoes in no time.

Painted Garden Stones

Easily identify the plants you have in your garden by creating your own painted garden stones. You can use a cutter to create your own words out of vinyl, or you can simply paint the letters onto the stone. The best part, you can easily store them away until next year once your gardening season is over.

String Lanterns

DIY Light Project

DIY Light Project
via Kat, CC

Create wedding decor on a budget, or take some time to set up for a beautiful backyard party by creating your own string lanterns. A quick tip: don’t complete this project on a carpeted surface, because it could ruin the carpet. If you can’t do this project outside, lay down a tarp to use as your work surface.

When it comes to easy DIYs, less is sometimes more. Spending time sprucing your place will help it look better and function better. So take a trip to your self-storage unit, gather your supplies, and get to work.

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