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If you’re a farmers market shopper this DIY bike basket is about to become your best friend. It doubles as a reusable shopping basket and can be made with only two supplies in three easy steps.

diy bike basket tutorial pin farmers market

Riding a bike is a great way to stay active and explore different parts of town. It gives you a fresh perspective on life outside of the typical view from your car or even walking on foot. Besides heading out for a nice old fashioned picnic, arguably one of the best things to see and do on a bike is to take a trip over to the farmers market!

The experience of shopping at a farmers market is wonderful. Sellers offer fresh food at competitive prices, and more often than not the goods are produced and grown locally. By shopping local, you are not only treating yourself to healthier options, but you are also supporting small business owners in your community.

But what happens when the farmers market goodies are plentiful? The process transporting everything home with a bike can be dicey! Having a trusty storage component on a bike is key to having a great experience at the farmer’s market. A DIY bike basket is the best way to make that happen!

So, what do you say? Set aside two minutes–yes, that’s really all–and let’s tackle a DIY bike basket project. (Spoiler alert: This bike basket also doubles as a reusable shopping basket!)

metal wire basket for diy bike basket farmers market

For this DIY bike basket you will need:

  • One metal basket (It does not have to be made specifically for bikes. Any regular basket will do!)
  • Two belts
  • Your favorite bike

It’s important for this project that the basket is woven with open holes in it in order for it to be properly attached to the bike. Choosing one with a metal finish is preferable over wicker or fabric. A metal basket will hold up well and stand the test of time against the great outdoors.

When choosing a basket for this project, it is also important to consider the size of the basket in comparison to the size of the bike to ensure they are proportional to one another. In this example, we’re using an adult women’s bike. The size of the metal basket is 16 inches by 10 inches. This particular basket is from a craft supplies store – originally priced at $19.99 purchased on sale with a coupon for 40% off. Score!

Upon reading the supplies list you might have thought, belts? Why belts? The belts are used for attaching the metal basket to the bike.  Any old belts around the house should do the trick, but braided belts are best!

Don’t have old belts to use for this bike basket DIY? No problem. Head to your local second-hand shop to pick some up. These braided leather belts were purchased for $4 each at a second-hand clothing shop and were in perfect condition. Score number two!

How to Turn Your Basket and Belts Into a Bike Basket

To attach the basket to the bike, take one belt and loop one end through the holes near the top of the basket that are closest to the bike. Then, wrap the belt around the handlebar and secure it tight using the belt buckle. Repeat this process with the other belt on the opposite end of the bike handle bar.

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long belt wire basket bike basket diy

Once you have both belts secured tightly to the bike, wrap the extra belt length around the handlebars until they are no longer dangling down near the wheels. Safety first!

diy bike basket wire basket braided belt tied together for farmers market

That’s all it takes to attach the basket to your bike. This DIY is literally as easy as one, two, three! Don’t you love it when “DIY” and “easy” are used in the same sentence?

diy bike basket made with braided belts and wire basket filled with flowers

But we’re not done here just yet! In addition to this project being easy and inexpensive, it is also multi-use. While it can be used as a bike basket, it can also be used as a shopping basket!  Let us take a minute to show you how.

How to Use Your Bike Basket as a Reusable Shopping Tote

If you’re not keeping your bike with you as you stroll, simply unwrap and detach the belts from the bike handlebars. Once the basket is separated from the bike you have two options.

Option 1: Short Handled Basket

This style will provide a short carrying handle perfect for quick trips through the farmers market. To achieve this style, simply re-attach one belt to the basket by looping it through the shorter sides of the basket.

reusable short handled basket farmers market shopping

Option 2: Basket with a Long Strap

If you’re heading to a bigger farmers market, or are planning on spending a lot of time at each booth to get the full experience, option two may be a more convenient choice. To get a little cozy with your basket carrying, follow the same process as above but instead of just one belt, use both.

First attached one belt to the other to create one long belt. Then loop it through opposite ends of your basket and attach both ends of the belt. This will provide an extra-long strap perfect for carrying on your shoulder and filling up that basket with tons of goodies.

step by step instructions diy reusable farmers market shopping basket bike basket

Now you’re going to be able to take your bike to the farmers market without worrying about how you will get everything home. The best part? Using this style of shopping is eco-friendly, too! No bags. No hassle. Just pure spring and summertime farmers market fun!

Questions or comments? Leave them below!

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