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From kitchen utensils to old bathtubs, the sky’s the limit when it comes to incorporating these items in your garden.


If you are looking for ways to step up the creativity in your garden and repurpose items you already have, look no further than cupboards of your kitchen and old or broken fixtures in your bathroom. From old silverware and utensils to teakettles and pitchers, your kitchen and bathroom are a treasure trove of gardening possibilities just waiting to be discovered.

Unusual Pots and Planters

Still life with flowers

Traditional garden pots and planters can be expensive. Stores count on people shelling out large amounts of cash for that perfect container. But, just about anything with the proper drainage can make a lovely home for your flowers, herbs and shrubs. DIY Network writer Jacqueline McGilvray suggests using assorted pitchers to contain plants in your garden. They can easily be placed on a table or ledge and “make a wonderful accompaniment to a dainty afternoon tea in the garden,” McGilvray says.

Ruth Rogers Clausen of Better Homes and Gardens echoes McGilvray’s advice, explaining that an old teapot can make the perfect holder for herbs. “This is a fun way to recycle Grandma’s battered old kettle,” she says. “Basil, or any herb, is a perfect plant to grow right next to your back door so you can harvest it on the spot for summertime suppers.”

Katie A. Ketelsen, also from Better Homes and Gardens, says, “The most unsuspecting piece could turn into your new favorite container.” She points to an old, brightly colored water cooler, explaining that the pop of color and its unexpected use can add loads of interest and inspiration to any garden.

Another kitchen item that is ready to move from your cabinet to the garden is that extra colander you have on hand. Anne Gibson from The Micro Gardener points out that colanders come with great drainage holes already in place for flowers and shrubs. She also suggests elevating your thrifty planter by converting colanders to “hanging baskets with a little chain or rope.”

Not Your Average Wind Chimes

For many people, the utensil drawer in their kitchen is brimming with duplicates. With a little DIY prowess, you can give these items new life in your garden and add charm to your outdoor space. explains how to fashion these pieces into lovely wind chimes. They suggest suspending slotted spoons, a whisk, a vegetable peeler, a drink strainer and an apple slicer on strings to create your new garden art. For those hoping to keep things even simpler, several serving spoons attached to a fork with strings can also produce a special wind chime.

Adding Flair with Salvaged Items

Kitchen Bath Garden Pic 2

For the extra adventurous gardener, salvaged items such as old watering cans, large bathtubs and even kitchen sinks can add visual appeal and definition to your garden. From thrift stores to junk yards, the possibilities for where you may find your salvaged art are endless, and the hunt may be half the fun! Simply drill holes for drainage in any of these containers and add your soil and plants.

Next time you clean out your kitchen or bathroom, think outside the standard flower pot for ways to reuse your utensils, serving pieces and cookware. The sky’s the limit!

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