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By following any of these 10 coffee table decoration ideas, you’ll be sure to create a space in your living room that reflects your style and impresses your guests


The coffee table is one of the first things people see when they walk into a living room. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use this piece of furniture to its fullest potential — and it often becomes overtaken in a shuffle of remotes, unorganized magazines and old coasters.

Show off your personality by customizing your coffee table to meet the needs of your own unique style.

By incorporating any of these 10 coffee table decoration ideas, you’ll be able make your coffee table the focal point of your room in no time.

1. Use a Tray

Not only do trays add an element of decoration, but they keep your items centralized, corralled and tidy. Plus, if you ever need to quickly clear your space, all you have to do is move the tray (which is especially useful when it comes time to clean).

Opt for a play on geometric shapes — like round trays on a rectangular table or rectangular trays on a round table will — to make your space stand out. When it comes to styling your items within the tray, keep in mind that items grouped in odd numbers work best. This will keep your brain from organizing even items in pairs, therefore making your arrangement more interesting.

2. Include Entertainment on your Coffee Table

coffee table decoration ideas: entertainment pieces

coffee table decoration ideas: entertainment pieces
Image via The Stripe

If you frequently invite guests over, make your coffee table a center for entertainment by adding items with dual functionality. A gold tic tac toe board can add elegance to a feminine room, a vintage board game can compliment a classical space, and a deck of cards or Dominoes can add a playful touch to any area.

3. Incorporate Varying Heights

coffee table decorating ideas: varying heights

coffee table decorating ideas: varying heights
Image via Glam Karen

Another smart way to catch a guest’s eye is by playing with contrast. In order to do this, use items of varying heights, shapes and textures. If you use a larger item, balance it out with several smaller objects.

Are all of your favorite decorations the same height? Not to worry — a great trick to get around this is using books to fake a growth spurt. Simply stack a few books on top of one another, creating a base for other objects.

4. Use Seasonal Flowers

Flowers are known for creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere (plus they’re beautiful to look at), making them the perfect solution for coffee table decoration ideas. Consider incorporating these flowers in your arrangements during each season:

  • Winter: Soft white amaryllis
  • Spring: Tulips
  • Summer: Roses, lilies or peonies
  • Fall: Orange dahlias

As you swap out your flowers each season, compliment the arrangement with seasonal accessories such as pumpkins, seashells, pine cones and pastel trinkets  that are appropriate for the time of the year.

5. Go Natural

coffee table decorating ideas: natural elements

coffee table decorating ideas: natural elements
Image via Stone Gable blog

Use natural elements to bring the peaceful elements of the outdoors inside. To get the look, balance white ceramic pieces and greenery, adding candles for a fresh scent and calming ambiance (which will also create a spa-like feel). Incorporating neutral colors, such as whites and browns, will make your table look cohesive, while a pop of greenery will invoke serenity.

7. Go for the Minimalist Coffee Table

If your style is more on the minimalist side, use a wired basket instead of a tray. The basket will still allow you to keep track of all of your books, remote controls and coasters, but it won’t demand as much attention as a stylized tray. Plus, it will give off a very industrial vibe.

8. Let Your Table do the Talking

coffee table decoration ideas: unique coffee table ideas

coffee table decoration ideas: unique coffee table ideas
Image via Thrifty and Chic

If you create your own unique coffee table, there’s no need to go all out with extra decorations. Try these ideas:

  • Wood stumps: Purchase (or cut) a stump and then sand, prime and paint it to match your room’s decor. Top it with a rustic tray of candles and pebbles.
  • Decorative ottomans: Instead of using a traditional table, place a tray on top of a decorative ottoman. You can also move the tray to double it as a stool.
  • Wooden crates: Place two or four of the same wooden crates next to each other with the openings facing outward, creating a rectangular or cubed shape. Use the space within the crate to store your items, freeing up the top for a simple plant or large candle.
  • Two stools: Take two stools that are the same height and place a board on top, creating your own makeshift table.

9. Opt for a Table Runner

Adding a table runner is one of the easiest ways to add color, texture and interest to your coffee table. Top your runner with long strands of greenery, baskets full of decorative ball fillers or candles lining the majority of the length of the table. Since the runner will take up the majority of your tabletop, use wicker baskets to store remotes, magazines or other accessories under your table.

You can also swap these runners for each season or holiday, depending on the mood you’re trying to create in your living room. As a general rule of thumb, table runners should extend about six inches beyond your table.

10. Center Around a Bold Personality Piece

Your living room gets a lot of traffic — so why not use it as a place to show off your own unique personality? Whether it’s an old trinket, an unusual vintage accessory or a cool new knickknack, make your already existing personality the centerpiece of your living room.

When deciding what other pieces to use on your table, be sure to keep in mind a consistent color scheme and balanced height.

We hope these coffee table decoration ideas inspired you to create a space in your living room that reflects your style and impresses your guests. Let us know how you decorate your coffee table in the comments below.

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