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Mason Jars work well in everyday home decor – they’re practical for storage, they make great drinking glasses, plus they can be made into great DIY projects too. Learn how to transform plain mason jar lids into festive mason jar ornaments.

Mason Jar Ornaments

Over the last few years, I have painted mason jars in various colors to use as accent pieces for both my holiday and home decor. Because of this, I have a lot of extra lids!

An easy way to repurpose these lids is by making seasonal mason jar ornaments. Today we will show you how to make your very own from just a few items, some of which you may already have around the home.

Simply follow these four step-by-step guides to learn more. There is also a fun cute printable included with one of the ornaments. These take less than 20 minutes to make and are a great beginner DIY project you can do together with your children. Let’s begin, shall we?

Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments

Gather all your spare lids. I had a collection of regular pint-sized lids, but you can also use different sizes you may have around the home.

Each project can be personalized for you – choose different color ribbons and embellishments by shopping your home or your local craft store.

*Remember to use caution when using a hot glue gun. Smaller children should not use a glue gun.

1. Mini Twine Wreaths

Diy Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornament

What you will need for this project:

  • Mason Jar Lids
  • Twine, Jute or Rope
  • Ribbon
  • Optional Embellishments
  • Glue Gun

The process to make this ornament is very easy and one of my favorites to make with the kids. Pick your base material for the wreath. I chose cotton cord for this tutorial.

Simply tie a knot around the lid to keep the rope in place. Tuck the knot inside the interior of the lid. Then tightly wrap the cord completely around the lid.

When done, simply glue the end inside the interior of the wreath. Done with step one!

Now the fun part, embellishments. I used ribbon I recently found at Michaels Stores. They currently have an amazing selection of colors and cute patterns.

Then, I added a loop to hang the ornament on a tree.

Feel free to use a variety of twine, ribbon, and other embellishments to make your mini wreaths more personalized.

2. Cheery Red Buffalo Check Ornament {Free Printable}

Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments

What you will need for this project:

I love seeing all of the red plaid in the stores right now, and I plan to incorporate into my holiday decor, too, so I created a printable to use for my ornaments. They came out so cute I am sharing them with you, too!

Simply download the printable (link above), print on heavy white cardstock paper and cut out the circles.

Next glue the inside of the lid using a glue gun.

Then insert the paper circle inside of the lid, pattern side down.

Lastly, you can make a loop and glue to the top of the lid. All done!

3. Green Pipe Cleaner Mini Wreath

Diy Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornament

What you will need for this project:

  • Mason Jar Lids
  • 13 Green Felt Pipe Cleaners
  • Optional Embellishments
  • Glue Gun (for optional embellishments)

* Be careful when wrapping these around the lid, as some have sharp metal wire that can poke through. Pay special attention to ensure these are covered completely.

This mini green wreath could not be any easier. Tightly wrap the felt pipe cleaner completely around the lid. You will want to tuck the (sometimes sharp) edges in the interior of the lid rim and start your next one around the existing to cover any that might poke through.

The last piece should be twisted to create a loop for hanging.

I found these teeny tiny adorable bulbs at Michaels Stores. I simply glued them to a piece of string and then glued the string on both ends to the wreath.

4. Ribbon Rag Tie Wreath

Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments

What you will need for this project:

  • Mason Jar Lids
  • Ribbon
  • Optional Embellishments

This mini wreath consists of three colors. I chose traditional colors with a pop of polka dot pattern to make it fun, but you could use any combo you wish.

I cut 27 pieces of ribbon (9 of each color) into 5.5-inch pieces.

Tie the ribbon around the lid, double knotting as you go. I chose a pattern and continued until my wreath was full and complete.

Trim off the excess pieces as needed. Add a piece of twine for hanging.

We hope you have fun making your own ornaments! If you do, please share them on Instagram using the hashtag #lifestorageDIY.

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Laura Destro

Laura Destro is a lifestyle photographer who loves to make DIY decor and holiday crafts. She is also known for her DIY Outdoor Sink, Holiday Mantels and seasonal craft ideas she shares on both her blog and Instagram @destrophoto.

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