Choosing paint colors is a lot more than just picking a shade you like. Each room requires different considerations when picking an overall color scheme. Get inspired with some of our favorite designer spaces.

Picking paint colors - a guide

Choosing a paint color can seem like a daunting task. There are so many colors to choose from, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed walking down the aisles of your local home improvement store. A great question to ask yourself when choosing paint colors is “How do I want to feel in this room?” This question will give you some direction on what type of paint color to choose.

Studies have proven that colors can affect our moods. Brands we know and love use color psychology to gain our loyalty and trust. You can use these findings to create a home that not only looks good but makes you feel amazing.We usually don’t think about how we feel when we go to different places, but these spaces plainly show us that colors directly affect our moods. Check out these gorgeous living spaces and get inspired by their designer’s adept use of color.

Peaceful Bedroom Oasis

Alex Evjen of AVE Styles master bedroom is a delightful mixture of earthy and bold tones along with soothing neutrals. It’s a brilliant example of combining dark and light shades for a breathtaking bedroom oasis. The deep sea-green accent wall grounds the space and is associated with feelings of growth and peace. The sandy brown and green hues introduce an organic element along with the intricately designed rug. The use of cream and white provide light and airy elements for balance. The large window allows light to flood throughout, creating a master bedroom that’s an ideal space for relaxation and reflection.

Sophisticated Comfort Living Room Retreat

Linda from It All Started From Paint combines both traditional and modern styles seamlessly. The navy-blue wall color is pristine against the bright white accents. Blue is associated with feelings of trust and the vibrant yellow details with happiness and good times. The charming tan sofa looks like the perfect place to curl up with your favorite beverage or for a lighthearted chat with family and friends. If you want to create a space that boast of comfort and sophistication, this is the one!

High Energy Modern Dining Room

Stacey at The Design Addict Mom chose a vibrant pink for her dining room walls. The color pink is associated with high energy and compassion. The modern black table and number sign add a sleek touch. Whimsical white chairs provide an unexpected but welcomed dose of movement and style. Stacey has managed to create a dining space with minimal accessories that provide maximum impact.

Soft Feminine Bar Area

Elsie and Emma over at A Beautiful Mess created a super cute bar cart area with dreamy blush colored walls. While blush is pale pink, it contains so much white that it would be closely related to whites and creams. These colors are associated with purity and innocence. The gold accents create a sophisticated color contrast and the lively green plants impart an organic touch. Blush would also be a perfect wall color for a feminine office or even a little girl’s room. This lush bar area looks like a great place to meet with your girls and toast to the good times ahead.

Bonus Home Selling Color Tip

If you’re selling your home, stay away from dark colors and opt for light and airy neutrals instead. Light colors make your home appear larger.  Also, open all windows to let natural sunlight in for a more flattering look. This is also great tip for when you’re having a gathering in the afternoon.

Psychology of Color in Home Design

Aren’t these spaces amazing? There is so much to learn from each of them, from the colors used to the positioning of the accessories. Decorating can be fun when you have a little bit of guidance and understand the look and feel you are going for. Most people are afraid to experiment with dark walls but a few of the ladies above show they can look amazing. The key to dark walls is to balance them with neutrals, so they don’t become overwhelming.

Check out these colors and the moods associated with them:

Red: active, exciting and bold

Purple: wise, creative and imaginative

Orange: cheerful, confident and friendly

Black: power, mystery and elegance

Yellow: happiness, clarity and warmth

Gray: balance, neutral and calm

Blue: trust, strength and dependable

Green: organic, nature and growth

Alex’s master bedroom is a perfect example of mixing darks and neutrals in a way that still feels light and airy. Linda’s living room boast of comfort and class by combining bold hues with energetic yellow accents. Stacey’s lively pink dining area are what minimalist dreams are made of. The vibrant colored wall takes center stage while bold black and white accents complete the look. Elsie & Emma know how to make you want to grab your girlfriends for a chatty evening with their fun bar area. Blush colored walls would be perfect for any room where you want to create a playful and quaint vibe.

These living spaces have inspired us to experiment with different color combinations. How about you?

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