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Buried in boxes from moving day? Put them to use — AND save yourself some money — by making Halloween costumes out of them. Here are our favorite ideas and a video to show you how it’s done.


Halloween is just around the corner! If you haven’t purchased a costume yet, it’s never too late to make your own.

There are so many things you can create from a simple cardboard box to be a fun Halloween costume for kids or adults! These quick costume ideas made from cardboard moving boxes require nothing other than a few embellishments and a little creativity.

Cardboard Box Costume Ideas

1. Fire Truck

Cardboard box fire truck costume Halloween

What little one doesn’t love the magic of a fire truck? A DIY fire truck costume can be as detailed or simple as you want it to be. A simple, quick version of this costume can be made with just a few sheets of construction paper and red paint.

See how to make this one in the video below!

Pair this box costume with one of those plastic firefighter hats your child has collected from the fire safety presentations at school and you’ve got yourself a sweet little firefighter without the expensive jacket and boots.

2. Dice

Cardboard box dice costume Halloween

Possibly the most simple cardboard box costume you can make! Make your own die by painting a box white and adding your own dots around each side of the box. Use colored dots for a fun twist on a classic dice costume or wear it with a friend as a pair!

See how to make this one in the video below!


Cardboard box costume lego Halloween

Another extremely easy box costume to make is your kid’s very own life-size LEGO. You can use any color for the box. Simply glue on cups or plastic containers to make the prongs on the LEGO piece.

See how to make this one in the video below!

4. Unicorn

This is definitely one of the cutest cardboard box costumes out there right now! This one will require slightly more time to decorate, but if you get your kid involved, making it will be half of the fun.

It’s easy to customize the look of this costume in different ways just by decorating the unicorn differently than in the picture. You could also use the same concept to make a horse or any other animal by cutting out a different head shape for whatever animal you desire. Here’s Jen’s full tutorial.

5. Tetris

Looking for a group costume idea? Grab a bunch of boxes and create a line of Tetris pieces! This simple box costume just requires some duct tape and paint. Secure boxes together with duct tape to create classic Tetris shapes.

6. Thomas the Train

This set of Thomas & Friends costumes would be absolutely adorable for a group of kids. These costumes look super simple and the author of the tutorial even included a download of the faces for you.

7. Juice Box

Halloween costume cardboard box ideas juice box

Via Mer Mag

Here’s another super simple one: an oversized juice box. This clever concept can be executed with nothing more than some paint, paper, a marker and your moving box of course. The pool noodle straw is another nice touch that would be inexpensive to create.

8. Photobooth Strip

The real fun in this one comes from the silly photos you include on your photo strip. Make your own version of this costume by cutting your cardboard box into one long rectangle and gluing photos on three of the four sections. Then cut out a place for your head to stick through on the final section, which ideally is placed in the middle of the strip. Don’t forget to wear the same getup you wore in the photo session!

9. Milk and Cookies

Cardboard box costume milk cookies Halloween


This costume may leave you with a sweet tooth. A milk carton hat and costume were crafted out of a cardboard box. The cookie may have been made from chair cushions, but it could easily be recreated using plain old cardboard. Just cut out two circles and connect them over the shoulders with a bit of ribbon. Since cardboard is already brown, there’s no painting required here! See how HGTV made it.

10. Dinosaur

This may be the most complicated of the ten ideas we’ve shared here, but as far as DIY Halloween costumes go, this one is still fairly simple. Cardboard is such an easy material to work with, so while it may take a little time to cut all your pieces and glue them to the main box, it’s really hard to mess this up. And how cute is that dinosaur?

How to Make Your Own

Basic supplies needed for most cardboard box costumes:

  • Small or medium cardboard box
  • Box cutter or scissors
  • Paint (spray paint or craft paint)
  • Crafting supplies for decorations – construction paper, ribbons, paper streamers, etc.
  • Glue stick
  • 1 1/2-2″ thick ribbon or twine for straps
  • Hot glue gun
  • Coordinating clothing to match costume (optional)


The first step for most of these Halloween cardboard box costumes is to cut off the unnecessary flaps on the box. You can either choose to cut a hole in the center of the top of the box for the person who will wear the costume to stand in, but I found it easier to just cut the entire top flaps off to create a large, roomy opening.

Depending on the costume you’re making, your next step will either be to paint the box OR attach any pieces that need to be painted over (see LEGO example below). After your box is painted and dried, you can work on decorating the box with whatever is needed for the costume you’re making! Get creative here or keep it simple. It’s totally up to you!

For securing straps to your box costume, you’ll want to use a hot glue gun to secure a 1 1/2-2″ thick piece of ribbon to the box. If you have issues with the ribbon holding onto the box, you can also sandwich the ribbon between the cardboard box and a second small piece of cardboard for a stronger hold.

Watch the video to see how to make the first three costume ideas above!

With these cardboard box costumes, you will be set with a simple but adorable costume idea! Get creative and think of all of the things you can make by just starting with a box!

Have you thought up your own cardboard box costume? We want to see! Share with us on social media using the hashtag #LifeStorageDIY or send us a comment below!

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