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Winter is long, and for many of us, it is cold, dark, and dreary. Ramp up your dinner routine with this fun indoor picnic idea. Save it for a date night or share the dinner with your entire family.


The month of love has come and past, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t celebrate! A fun or romantic night in is something that should be enjoyed year round. Learn how to create an easy and inexpensive indoor picnic for your someone special, whether that is your spouse, kids, or even a handful of friends. This simple and in many ways effortless indoor picnic can even help improve your health and happiness. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out why.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Cozy blankets & throws.

This meal is all about cuddling up and being comfy. Grab all your favorite, most fluffy blankets and lay them on the floor overlapping each other to give yourself a nice cushioned base to start with.

2. Throw pillows and/or poufs to sit on.

These are great to add in if sitting on the floor gets uncomfortable for some people. Use the throw pillows to prop yourself up for extra cushion and support. The extra cozy boho look this gives is just an extra bonus.

3. Lots of candles.

You can never go wrong with candles to set the mood for a romantic night as long as you make sure they are in a lantern or something safe! Even better, try using flameless battery operated candles if you’re worried about having so many candles lit at once. They still give off that pretty glow. Going for a less romantic vibe with friends? Trade out candles for board games.

4. Your favorite “take out.”

Let be honest, we’re all about keeping things as easy and stress-free as possible. Your loved ones will be just as excited to see their favorite take out dish waiting for them as they would a meal you made from scratch. And the best part is, less dishes to clean means more time to connect and enjoy.

5. Some fresh flowers.

There’s just something about the simple gesture of a few pretty flowers scattered around to help lighten the mood and make the room feel finished. Don’t worry about breaking the bank- now’s the time of year for inexpensive grocery store tulips and daffodils. Budget friendly, pretty, and romantic!

6. The Element of Surprise

Want to step it up a notch? Don’t tell your loved ones your plans, surprise them! You’ll make their entire day when they walk in the door to their favorite food waiting for them in the cozy and thoughtful picnic you created.

Why You Should Never Stop “Dating”

An indoor picnic isn’t just a fun new way to eat your favorite Chinese takeout. Did you know, “dating” your spouse has health benefits as well? Here are a few ways that bonding time helps make us happier and healthier.

  • Just the simple act of sitting and talking one on one without all of the distractions of electronics around helps ground us. We’re then able to better connect with someone one on a deeper more personal level.
  • Building shared memories that only are for you and your loved one helps make us feel special and loved. The memories are something you can look back on and remember during the tough times to strengthen your bond.
  • Having an in-depth conversation about a life goal you both have but haven’t had the time to really discuss in depth will bring you that much closer to accomplishing the goal and better understanding each of your view points. Whether it’s the fact you really need to tackle organizing the basement or bigger life decisions like if you should move, change jobs, expand your family etc. Actually taking the time to have these discussions in a relaxed setting without distractions helps you make decisions together as a team.
  • Laughter is the best medicine. And if this date night goes well, we should hope there won’t be a shortage of laughing.
  • Taking the time to spend actual quality time with someone improves our emotional health by increasing our confidence and making us feel more secure, wanted, and validated.
  • To put it as simply as possible, making someone else feel good in turn makes you feel good. Especially when that someone is your partner.

Keep in mind, this idea doesn’t need to be “romantic.” It can easily be transformed into a fun girls night in with your favorite chick flicks, a fun play date with your kids, a sweet family meal night with your parents and siblings, or a fun birthday dinner night for your best friend.

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It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day monotony and stresses of work, life, kids, budget, etc. Sometimes the simplest gesture can be just the reboot we need to warm our souls and reconnect with our favorite people. Creating a simple picnic at home won’t take tons of time or money and will leave a lasting memory.

Want some more ideas on how to enjoy your time indoors? Check out this post on how the Danish have mastered the art of happiness and enjoying the simple things in life.

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