Moving in together can be stressful, but joining decor styles with your significant other doesn’t have to be. We’ve put together a toolbox of tips for decorating your new shared space (no couples therapy required). Here are 4 of our favorite room decoration ideas for couples.


In 2016, 18 million American adults reported cohabitating with a partner, a number that has been steadily climbing in the past ten years. With cohabitation before marriage increasingly becoming the social norm, many more couples are having to deal with some of the challenges that come with living together.

To start, there are struggles with the basic logistics of moving in together, like getting your finances in order, finding the right place, and combining possessions. But once you’re finally settled in your new space, some unforeseen challenges might pop up.

What do you do when you discover your partner talks in their sleep or constantly forgets to close the kitchen cabinets? Or worse, how will you handle it when you realize you hate your beloved’s approach to home decor? Don’t panic; your different styles can still result in a beautiful home that you both love! We’ve put together a few simple and easy room decoration ideas for couples that will help you both navigate this tricky territory with ease.

Room Decoration Ideas for Couples #1: Upgrade as necessary.

Room decoration ideas for couples - desk with plant and pictures hung on wall

You might find your partner’s style is a little more frat boys’ dorm room than sweet couple’s space, but there’s an easy way to replace those tattered posters and alma mater memorabilia without hurting any feelings. Just gift your partner with an upgraded version of their older decor.

If your sweetheart is a movie buff, but you’re not a fan of wallpapering your place with giant posters, check out Etsy for some upgraded art that pays homage to their favorite films. You can find pieces that range from simple quotes to beautiful hand-drawn illustrations relating to any movie, game, book, band or show under the sun.

For those who love their college colors, try upgrading from a bright pennant to a photo of the campus from a local photographer that will be more cohesive with your color palette. Add a gorgeous frame and you’ll have some great custom artwork that still makes your partner feel like their interests are represented in your home’s decor.

Room Decoration Ideas for Couples #2: DIY with your other half.

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DIY projects can be another great way to work on your design style together as a couple. Through building and customizing a piece, you can make it work perfectly for the needs of your new space.

Projects like our storage ottoman or wooden crate will work great for adding style and some extra organization to a room. Does your space need a pop of color? Try painting a set of canvases together for a pair of unique pieces of art created especially for your place. Paint night also makes for a great date night!

Room Decoration Ideas for Couples #3: Build-it-yourself. 

Room decoration ideas for couples - DIY project with tools and screws on a wooden background

Especially ambitious and handy with power tools? Consider custom building furniture to fit the specific needs of your new household. For example, you might want a table with unique dimensions that seems impossible to find in a store. Why not build it yourself? You can find a lot of simple furniture building plans online. Pick one out, take a trip to the local hardware store and get started! You may discover that DIY-ing is an amazing bonding activity for you as a couple. It might also become a productive new hobby!

Of course, it’s important to be considerate of your partners’ opinions. There will be times when you both need to compromise to create a space that works.

Your main shared living areas, such as the kitchen and living room, will be the most critical areas for compromise. Try keeping them fairly neutral to make sure you’re both comfortable with these high-use areas.

Are you more into bold or eclectic decor and your partner is not? Think about focusing your more unique tastes on smaller areas. Bathrooms, hallways, foyers or office spaces are great options. That way, you’re able to enjoy your bolder pieces, but they won’t be overbearing for your significant other. Coming to agreement on these key areas will make the entire process of combining styles easier on both of you.

Room Decoration Ideas for Couples #4: Try a designer.

Room decoration ideas for couples: desk decorated with light pink accents with laptop

Moving in with your significant other is a new chapter of your lives. It’s also the perfect time for a decor refresh. Finding a new style you both enjoy is a great way to feel unified and comfortable in a new space. But starting fresh with a new aesthetic can be daunting for some.

Working with an interior designer can be a fun way to explore design styles you haven’t considered before and find a style that could be your new signature look for your shared place. An interior designer can help create a style that combines the best aspects of you and your partner’s tastes. Either way, online design services can be an easier and more cost-effective way to find a designer that suits your style, especially when you’re budgeting for other moving expenses at the same time. Going into your space with a new, sophisticated style will start things off on the right foot.

With a little preparation and compromise, dealing with your partner’s home decor style doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, you might find that some of their tastes start to rub off on you. If you work together as a team, it’s easy to create a balanced style that represents both of you. Now, as for getting them to remember to take out the garbage…that’s another story!

Did we miss any essential room decoration ideas for couples? Share your tips in the comments!

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