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Hooks of all shapes and sizes can help you keep track of and organize items inside and outside of your home.


Hooks are probably one of the most under-appreciated organizing tools. Hooks of all shapes and sizes can help keep track of your keys, keep your robe off the floor, and hang your hat. The type of hook you use depends on what you need to hang. It can range from a heavy duty hook screwed into a wall stud that can hold 40 pounds to a small Command Hook™ that supports just a few ounces.

One of the things I like the most about using hooks to organize is that they allow you to take advantage of the underutilized vertical real estate in your home like the inside of your cabinet doors. Let’s explore the many ways you can use these versatile tools.

1. Keys

Place a hook next to the door that you enter and exit every day. Make this the home for your keys so you can get out the door easier in the morning.

2. Cup Lids

Small hooks placed on the inside of your kitchen cabinet door are ideal to hold travel cup lids.

3. Hats

Use that small, hard-to-use wall in your closet to store your hats. Install hooks that work well for the hats you own (baseball caps, fedoras, stocking caps, etc.).

4. Bibs

Add a hook inside your cabinet door to hang the baby’s bibs after cleaning. This will allow them to dry quickly and to be handy to grab when it’s dinner time.

5. Jewelry

Turn your jumble of jewelry into an eye-catching, organized display. A series of small Command Hooks™ or c-hooks are perfect for hanging necklaces and bracelets.

6. Step Stool

Install a heavy-duty hook to hold your collapsible step stool. Now it’s off the floor and out of the way.

7. Charger Cords

A small hook added to your desk top or nightstand can catch your charger cord so it doesn’t fall behind the furniture.

8. Flat Iron

A hook installed on the inside of your bathroom cabinet door is a great place to store your flat iron or curling iron – or both.

9. Towels

Not enough room for a towel rack? Install some hooks for easy hanging.

10. Coffee Cups

Small cup hooks installed on the bottom of your cabinet shelf will give you a second layer of storage.

11. Belts

Belts are notoriously hard to store neatly. Install small hooks in a long narrow spot in your closet, or even the back of the door, for your belts. They can also be used for organizing other accessories, including ties and bow-ties.

12. Frying Pans

Not enough room in your cupboards for your frying pans? If you have a free section of wall, you can install sturdy hooks to hang the pans.

13. Purses

Use large S-shaped hooks to hang your purses from your closet rod and regain your shelf space.

14. Dog Food Scoop

Place a Command Hook on the side of your pet food container to hang your scoop.

15. Tools

Install heavy duty hooks on the wall of your garage to hold your yard tools.

So let’s get hanging! Let us know how you use hooks in your home in the comment section.


About the Author

Andi Willis

Andi Willis is a Professional Organizer, Certified Personal Photo Organizer, author and video host. Passionate about helping people organize their homes and preserve their precious photos, Andi can be found at

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