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10 Ways to Rock Your Craft Room


You love your craft room. It’s your own little oasis where you rewind after a long day at work, where you spend countless hours sewing the perfect project and where you plan to create all those DIY projects you’ve added to your favorite Pinterest board.

Whether you’re working in your child’s old bedroom, a converted guest room or a shared space in your home (the familiar craft room / office / storage space / workout facility), you probably know that it can be difficult to summon your creative muses when you’re surrounded by a disorganized mess.

It’s time to give your craft room the TLC it deserves. Quit the clutter and take your space to the next level with our 10 organization tips.

10 ways to rock your craft room

1. Spice up your button storage.

Are you hoarding buttons but somehow never able to find the one you’re looking for? Stock up on a few 3-inch spice jars. Store your buttons in these glass containers, organizing them by color. Not only will these new button jars help you easily locate the button you need, when you need it, but they will add a pop of color to your room. Are your buttons too big? Use the same idea, just get larger glass jars from your favorite  craft store.

2. Pin your embroidery floss.

Embroidery floss may be the perfect tool for best friend bracelets and decorative stitching, but what was once neatly contained in its packaging inevitably ends up in a messy, unusable tangle. Prevent this from happening by  picking up a package of wooden clothespins (you can get them at the dollar store!) and wrap one color around each pin, using the clip to hold the string’s end. Arrange them together in a large bowl,  mason jars or glass drinkware to show off these bright colors.

3. Wrap your ribbon.

Ribbon spools can be large, bulky and hard to organize. When you’re storing your ribbon in a drawer, box, basket or any other container, wrapping it around pieces of cardboard will take up much less space than traditional spool. Line these newly-organized ribbons up next to each other, arranging by color so you can find them with ease. Have strands of ribbon that are too short for the cardboard trick? Keep them safe and accessible by placing each one in a Tic Tac container.

4. Repurpose a pill box.

Remember those tiny sequins, beads and rhinestones you had to buy to replace the missing ones on your daughter’s dance costume? Those baubles weren’t cheap, and you probably didn’t use the entire package. Instead of storing them in plastic bags, which can get bulky, messy and often lost in the shuffle (or your carpet), store them in a pill box. Glue a sample to the top of each compartment, allowing you to view what’s inside.

5. Give your kids a corner.

If you have little ones in your home, you’re already aware of how much they love arts and crafts. Fuel their creativity (without letting into your expensive stash) by establishing their own station in your craft room.

“A canvas apron made for gardening tools is also a great holder for art supplies,” the experts at Better Home and Gardens note. Attach the belt to the edge of a child’s table with hook-and-loop tape, and tuck the straps out of sight. Fill it with crafts supplies that will get your little one creating.

6. Give yourself a work station.

Don’t let the fear of getting glitter, hot glue or paint forever affixed to your nice kitchen table keep you from creating your dream projects. Give yourself your own station to work on. This can be as simple as clearing off a part of your desk or establishing an entire table as your crafting space. Having this designated spot will keep you motivated, organized and worry-free. These can range from a repurposed find you snatched at a garage sale, a Walmart pick specifically for crafting that costs under $200 or high-end Sullivan counter that runs for $400. No room for a stationary space? Use a folding table, which can be stored away when you don’t need it.

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7. Use a magnetic strip.

Use a decorated magnetic catch-all strip to keep items that you commonly misplace such as scissors, needles, safety pins and steam rippers organized and in sight. Not only will you stay more organized, but you won’t have one of those unpleasant accidents that sends you to the emergency room for stitches when you accidentally discover where you left your dressmaker’s shears.

“Cut the fabric into a long rectangle big enough to wrap around the edges of your magnetic strip,” Bonnie Christine from Going Home to Roost suggests. “Spray with adhesive and tack into place. Using a hot glue gun, secure the fabric to the back side. Mount according to instructions, and voila!”

8. Upcycle your coffee cans.

coffee cans

Instead of throwing away (or, preferably, recycling) your empty coffee cans, upcycle them for your craft room. Clean them out and wrap each in decorative paper, adhering it to the can. Use them to safely store craft items, such as stamps, scissors, markers and embellishments. Mix it up by using different can sizes and paper designs. Have K-Cups replaced your traditional coffee habits? Paint or food cans work just as well!

9. Contain your glitter.

If you’ve ever used loose glitter, you understand the havoc it can have on your craft room. Spare yourself the endless vacuuming and lint rolling (which never seems to get rid of it all) by tightly storing your glitter. Purchase a plastic makeup organizer made for drawers, and line your vials in each compartment. You can also buy tiny salt and pepper shakers to hold any leftover glitter that was purchased in a bag.

10. Hang your gift wrap station.

We’re all guilty of holding on to endless rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons and bows, gift baskets, boxes and tissue paper that we’ve accumulated over the years. If your craft room has a closet, or even a cove, convert it into a wrapping station. Pick up a bundle of tension rods from the home improvement store, paint them to add some flare and slide them through your wrapping paper tubes, keeping them high up and out of the way. Purchase wicker baskets for the space below, and fill them with gift boxes, bags and ribbons.

Clutter getting in the way of your crafting?

Don’t let a lack of space keep you from creating your dream craft room. Clear out a room, sort through any unwanted junk and put the rest of your treasures in self storage.

Life Storage has a variety of storage units and temperature control settings available to protect the things in your home you don’t use on a daily basis but still want to hold on to. Feel free to check out ourspecials, too.

Do you have any great craft room ideas? Let us know in the comment section or tweet us at @LifeStorage.

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