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Clutter Heat Map


Home Clutter Heat Map

Every home has potential clutter problem areas or “hot spots.” Use this clutter hot spot tool to identify where clutter is likely to gather in your home. You  will then be more equipped to prevent it from happening. Hover your mouse over a hot spot to begin.

Does this sound familiar? You come home from work or from picking the kids up from school. Everyone dumps their coats, bags and shoes in the entryway, and the space suddenly becomes a land mine that you must tiptoe around.

Once you are out of the danger zone, you grab a snack and a drink from the kitchen and then plop down on the couch. As you go to set your drink on the coffee table, you realize it is covered with magazines, toys, and remotes to who knows what.

Many families have experienced a similar scenario. So how do you keep your home organized when every nook and cranny seems like a magnet for clutter? The Clutter Heat Map is a useful tool for honing in on particularly challenging spaces. Simple tips listed above will help jump-start your home organizing efforts.

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